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How to Get to Kratié From Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

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Although getting to Kratié takes more than a few hours, it’s a straightforward and direct trip. Whether you’re going from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap to Kratié, there are limited options. It’s not a popular route for tourists or locals, but don’t let that deter you from seeing this rural town that’s home to endangered dolphins and several outdoor activities. You can get to Kratié by minibus/van or private car. Below, you’ll find all the information you need to organize your transportation and have a smooth trip.

Phnom Penh to Kratié


Travel time: 4.5 – 6.5 hours

Cost: $10 – 20 USD

How to book: Camboticket, Bookmebus, or Checkmybus.

There’s one main transportation provider that operates between Phnom Penh and Kratié. Virak Buntham Express runs three vans each day – one in the morning, one in the late afternoon, and one at night. I took them when I went to Kratié and while we arrived on time, we left 45 minutes late and the driver was the most reckless that I experienced during my one month in Cambodia (no wonder we made up so much time).

There are only two other options besides Virak Buntham Express. SRL Transport leaves in the morning, and Lana Express operates a large bus that leaves at night.

I recommend taking either a morning or afternoon van. Because the trip to Kratié is less than eight hours, the vans that leave at night don’t give you enough time to sleep. Plus, you’ll arrive in Kratié at around 1 or 2 AM.

Taxi or private car/van

Travel time: 4.5 – 5 hours

Cost: $120+ USD per car

How to book: 12Go.Asia, Camboticket, Bookmebus, Cambodia Private Taxi, I Am Cambodia Taxi, or ask your accommodation.

The drive from Phnom Penh to Kratié is 242 km or 150 miles. Since it’s a long trip, taking a taxi or private car is the most comfortable option if you can gather enough people or if you don’t mind the price. For a car that fits 4 people, you can pay as low as $120. Most drivers charge around $160 though.

Inside the Virak Buntham Express van from Phnom Penh to Kratie

Siem Reap to Kratié


Travel time: 8 hours

Cost: $24 USD

How to book: Fill out the contact form on Asia Van Transfer’s website.

There’s only one public transportation option between Siem Reap and Kratié. So if possible, it’s better to get to Kratié from Phnom Penh.

Asia Van Transfer has one van that leaves Siem Reap at 8 AM and arrives in Kratié at 4 PM. If that doesn’t work for you, the only other option is to get a taxi.

Taxi or private car/van

Travel time: 6.5 – 7 hours

Cost: $135+ USD

How to book: Bookmebus, Bookaway, Camboticket, Cambodia Private Taxi, I Am Cambodia Taxi, or ask your accommodation.

For such a long ride, you won’t regret spending more for a private car or van. The cheapest price for a 4-person car is around $135 USD, but most are in the $165 to $215 range. Since prices can vary significantly, make sure you get multiple quotes before choosing a driver.

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