My Money Story Video Series

Real people sharing their real and raw experiences with money.

My Money Story features real people (some are Credit Karma members and some are not) talking about their successes, failures, and experiences with money, credit, and debt. It was created to help and inspire those who might be in similar financial situations. It also aimed to open up the conversation around money, which can be a taboo and very personal subject. The series is made up of two types of videos. One is a profile video focused on a specific person or couple, and the other is a compilation, which features multiple people talking about a topic, like student loan debt or financial education. 


About half of the interviews were shot at SXSW, while the other half were shot at FINCON. I organized our video shoot at FINCON, hired a third-party video production team to film the interviews, and also conducted some of the interviews myself. After looking through the footage, I did an initial edit of many of these videos before working with our in-house video producers and Brand team to refine the edits and create the final videos. This resulted in a total of 16 videos, which have gathered over 294,000 views.