Video Content for Credit Karma

I established and led the creation of two defining video series for Credit Karma: Credit Crunch and My Money Story. I've been involved in all stages of the video creation process, from writing scripts to editing and distribution. Through creating these video series, I've worked with both an in-house video team and an external production agency.

Credit Crunch

Credit Crunch is an entertaining and educational man-on-the-street style series that was a joint vision between the Communications and Video team. I wrote the video scripts and provided feedback during post-production. Click here to see more.

My Money Story

My Money Story features real people (some are Credit Karma members and some are not) talking about their successes, failures, and experiences with money, credit, and debt. It was created to help and inspire those who might be in similar financial situations, and to open up the conversation around money, which can be a taboo and very personal subject. The series is made up of two types of videos - one is a profile video focused on a specific person or couple and the other is a compilation, which features multiple people talking about a topic, like student loan debt or financial education. I worked with an external production team to shoot some of these videos and our in-house video producers and editors to edit and create the final videos. Click here to see more.

Nerds of Credit Karma

Nerds of Credit Karma introduces viewers to an employee of Credit Karma every week. The series is originally broadcasted on Periscope, but it's also filmed on a separate camera so the footage can be turned into a high-quality video. I edit the videos and publish them to YouTube every week. Click here to see more.