Credit Karma's Instagram

It can be hard to make money and credit fun and visually interesting. I helped bring new life to the company's Instagram by taking a more lifestyle-oriented approach to visual content, capturing the moments and places where Credit Karma fits into a person's life. I shot and edited many of the pictures that shifted the company's visual identity on Instagram to one that's more aligned with what's popular on the platform.

Some of the images I have shot and created have become some of the most highly liked pictures on our Instagram.

KarmaProTips - KarmaProTips is a visual content series where we share a financial or credit-related tip every week. While another team member came up with the idea, I designed the content and shot original images for it in order to eliminate our reliance on stock photos.

Nerds of Credit Karma - Nerds of Credit Karma is a weekly feature where we introduce one of Credit Karma's employees across multiple social channels, including Instagram and Periscope. I shot, edited, and designed the Instagram pictures, creating a consistent look and feel that would also bring out the personality of each person.